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Goldelox Productions specializes in producing social justice documentaries and entertainment that intersects with African, Caribbean and Black history, activism, arts, culture, and health-related topics. Goldelox Productions works with producers, directors, and artists on projects that bring diverse audiences together to affect positive social change. Some recent productions include The Akua Benjamin Legacy Project (2016), an award-winning series of micro-docs celebrating 50 years of black activism in Toronto through the contributions of the late activists – Dudley Laws, Charles Roach, Marlene Green, Rosie Douglas and Gwen and Lenny Johnson. During this process, five up-and-coming Canadian black female directors were selected and mentored to helm the films - they included, Ngardy Conteh George, Laurie Townshend, Ella Cooper, Sonia Godding Togobo and Sarah Michelle Brown. Prior to that, Alison worked as a producer on Thomas Allen Harris’ NAACP award winning and 2016 Emmy Nominated feature documentary Through a Lens Darkly: black photography and the emergence of a people for PBS. Alison’s prolific directing and producing filmography includes award-winning films such as Raisin Kane: a rapumentary (2001), Sisters in Cinema (2003), A Deathly Silence (2004), The Woman I Have Become (2007), Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home (2007), My Joan of Arc (2011), Positive Women: exposing injustice (2012) and Consent (2015). Goldelox Productions has built a reputation as a rock solid production entity for network television who can pull a story out of anything and lead the way in creating seminal films about Women of Colour.


Mattru Media Inc. is an award-winning independent production company focused on documentary and commercial projects in the realm of arts, culture, social change and empowerment. Founded by Ngardy in 2009, it is named after Mattru Jong, her ancestral hometown in Sierra Leone. Mattru Media produced and directed The Flying Stars (2014), the first documentary to ever win the Telefilm TIFF PitchThis! Competition. The Flying Stars premiered at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) and won Best Documentary at the BronzeLens Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. The film received financial support from the Sundance Documentary Institute and international broadcasts including Radio-Canada, Al Jazeera, DR in Denmark, NHK in Japan. In television, Mattru Media has produced two television series; The Rhyming Chef Barbuda, a unique cooking show that fused hip-hop with culinary arts, filmed in the Caribbean and aired on Bite TV and AUX TV, and two seasons of Cypher, the flag-ship Hip Hop music show for the network that aired on AUX TV across Canada. Mattru also develops creative projects for a variety of corporations and arts organizations - ranging from a multi-year collaboration with Ballet Jorgen to a long-standing relationship with High Liner Culinary, which started in 2009 and most recently involved the launch of their re-branding campaign.